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Switch Technology for Special Needs

Switch-Ed Blog

News & Info about Technology for Special Needs

  • The Future of switch technology - Ai is here !

    Ai RobotThis FAB robot has programs all built in . It will even dance on request . Great for use with Autism.

    Want more infomation ?  Please contact us .

    Click on the link    Robot Gangnam Style

  • A Piece of History

    The SAVER controller was the first product that started switch control of MSR rooms and also launched a great company SpaceKraft. Cause and Effect forever !   Switch-Ed  carrying the cause and effect tradition on .  Watch for new switch control coming your way .Just a quick thought - Does anyone monitor switch activity now  ?

    The first MRS controller  from 1990. We could monitor switch activity. can we now ? The first MRS controller from 1990. We could monitor switch activity. can we now ?
  • New iPad App is on its way !

    The new Ipad app is being written and will be available before the end of July. This will be a great bit of kit that will allow users to control mains equipment using M - L -T Cause and Effect programs. As well as good for assistive technology It will form the back bone to a new MSR control system  and easy to use.

  • Explore the Doo-zy

    The Doo-zy switch for Special Needs has many amazing features. Click the images below to explore some of the Doo-zy switch's main features.



  • Doo-zy Book launches into the UK market

    Doo-zy, My Friend, Our JourneyAt long last. A book that started out as being 101 things to do with the Doo-zy which in fact evolved into "My Doo-zy, My Friend, Our Journey The book is now available with the official book launch in May . Written by Julia Barnes and Heather Clarke. This book is a practical guide to introducing and using a Doo-zy Switch to develop thinking skills, support communication and empower individuals.

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